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My consultation services will assist executives to sufficiently implement data analysis and advanced technology software to promote their organization. The word of AI, Machine Learning and algorithms is in constant development, and should be fully utilized in every business. However, change does require certain adjustments. My executive consulting services help translate all this unmet technological potential into a thriving business and organizational.


Become a leader in your own field thanks to innovative data and systems
Be guided by an expert on how to implement these systems to boost your business
Receive an AI strategy tailored to the organization’s character and goals

Who is this Service Ideal for?

Short and fast processes require quick adjustments. For instance, a small startup looking to apply the “go to market” strategy, or medium-sized organizations looking to create short projects. My consulting services will aid you in implementing AI to accelerate the process while achieving prime results. However, before we even begin the process, a thorough analysis will be conducted to assess the project’s feasibility. All scenarios will be meticulously analyzed according to different timings. The choice is entirely yours.


The Consulting Process:

My multidisciplinary training, both in the world of AI as well as business and organizational strategy, allow me to harmonize between the two, and create a well- orchestrated alignment between the two. The process includes a deep analysis, familiarization with your business and a tailored strategy. Finally, your business strategy will complement your business needs, and your executive skills will be embellished with technological tools.