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Instructing Lectures and Workshops


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One of the most essential things you can provide for your employees and staff is professional development. My workshops and lectures are tailored to your organization’s needs and ensure that your staff learns new methods and advanced models as well as using state-of-the-art algorithms and programs. Every organization has its sore spots, informational gaps, which is exactly where my customized instructing services come to play, strengthening your players and game. Course and workshops topics, build according to your organization requirements.

Using the company’s existing technology and resources more efficiently
Improving business results
Shortening product development duration
Upping the quality of the organization’s statistical models
Implementing machine learning, statistics, data analysis and AI

Workshops and Lecture Process:

By having your employees acquire essential and advanced technological tools, you are sowing the seeds for your organization’s future success. My tailored workshops and lectures leave your employees better equipped to handle complex processes long after the instruction process is completed. Your employees will receive both general information as well as material customized specifically for your organization. Enrich your organization’s knowledge in the present to reap the fruits in the future.