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The mentoring model

Small startups as well as medium sized organizations often employ in-house data experts, who design, create and operate the company’s code and algorithms. However, fine-tuning and further knowledge are always needed for growth. With my mentoring services, your organization’s analysts will acquire a necessary skill set, serving them will into the company’s future.

Why Mentor In-House Experts?

Rather than using my own employees, I mentor and guide your organization’s data analysts allowing them to become self-sufficient, rely on smart insights and collect useful data. Your experts will:


The Mentorship Process:

With over 25 years of experience, you’ll receive a mentor who is highly seasoned, a
leading data science expert, multidisciplinary and with a proven record of successful
mentorship processes. By using my services for both short term and one-time projects,
your organization will have put my expertise to use, while creating an efficient data
analysis process, that will yield insight for future processes. Thus, you optimize your
organization’s revenue and future prospects, by implementing the rich experience I have
to offer and instilling it in young data scientists.

Short Term

Mentoring your in-house data scientists, from project feasibility, planning, research, development and all through implementation


Consulting executives on strategic concerns pertaining to AI, data analysis and machine learning


Instructing and conducting tailored workshops and lectures on machine learning and statistics for organizations